How to identify model of your Amicroe USB flash drive

Please follow up these instructions below using Windows XP or Vista machine.

1. Plug the USB on windows XP or Vista.

2. Double click the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon on the bottom right of the taskbar (left side of the clock) as per illustration below.

3. On “Safely Remove Hardware” windows, make sure the “Display Device Components” option was selected and then click the “+” arrow to expand the USB mass storage device information to find out the model number of the USB drive.

4. The model number will be shown as per above picture, in example the model number above was “SM_USB20”.

* Unfortunately for Windows 98 SE users, they are unable to identify the model number without help of other operating system which has built in drivers (XP & Vista). The USB drive must be detected first by Operating System before it can show the actual model number. For Windows 98 SE users, they need to use another machine which has an either XP or Vista operating system in it and follow the step above.

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